The technological heart of home.

In the frame, VIVO+ incorporates two prominent capacitive buttons for quick access to the menu and for emergency calls. SOS.

More image,  more screen

The VIVO+ monitor design is based on a 10” capacitive touchscreen with a thin frame to ensure a perfect visual communication.

The elegance of its design is highlighted by its visual lightness.


Perfect usability

The excellent design of VIVO+ includes a graphic interface of high quality and easy usability.

Regardless of the suppliers selected by the integrator, the user faces a unique interface that allows to perceive the video door entry system, home automation systems, CCTV cameras or access control systems as an integrated whole.



Calls between different residences are only possible if these homes are on the list of accepted friends.


The installer and the user can create or remove restrictions to ensure data protection.


The wide range of melodies allows each user to select their ringtone for different situations, with stereo sound thanks to the high  performance of the two speakers.


By dragging the menu with the finger, it can be reconfigured according to the preferences of each user.


Real-time audiovisual communication between  interior and exterior is no longer the only function of a video door entry system. Because VIVO+ allows many more features:

Communication in hands-free mode.
Allows to communicate with residences in the same building or indoor terminals in the same home, as well as make direct calls to the Property Management Unit or to the outdoor panel.
Record voice messages so that other people who access the home can listen to them.
It allows you to save photos or video from calls received on the outdoor panel or from the Property Management Unit.
With call divert to mobiles devices, the interaction with the home is possible from anywhere in the world.
Sending and receiving of text messages between monitors and the Property Management Unit.
In an alarm situation, it is possible to send a panic call to the Property Management Unit by activating an additional sensor or pushbuttons in other areas of the home.
Automatic door opening in special circumstances, or as needed, after receiving a call.
Do not disturb. You can set the calls to silent mode, for specific or indeterminate time periods.
Call volume or mute mode are adjustable from the screen menu, with configurable time settings.
Activation of IP relays to switch on the staircase light, or other lights…
Option to view feeds from additional cameras.