The most exclusive indoor terminals

Video door entry system with IP technology in one 10-inch capacitive touchscreen.

VIVO+ is more advanced Fermax proposal for the smart houses that are the reality now: IP technology, which converts the video door monitor in the technological heart of home.

A bigger capacitive touchscreen of 10 inch, from which you can control both the communication and safety as well as comfort of the home.

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Advanced management, hands-free communication, high-performance features and user friendly.

Installed in homes, allows for communication with the street panel, door lock release and to see the image of the visitor through the screen.

An advanced management monitor, with hands-free communication, high-performance features and user friendly. Compact and essential design. Its TFT screen and its capacitive touch buttons remain behind an ultra-resistant transparent polycarbonate sheet with ultraviolet protection.

Smile is the result of a refined design which has reduced and stylized its components to the minimum expression.

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The perfect complement: iLOFT telephone

A surface-installation telephone for simpler locations, or as a secondary indoor terminal. With a compact and light design and LYNX technology, the iLOFT telephone represents the simplicity of the elegance.

It incorporates LED signalling lights and clear icons on its buttons, making its use and configuration intuitive.

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The most exclusive outdoor panels

Versatility. Modular composition.

SKYLINE is a robust and elegant panel that stands out for its durability, beauty, resistance and reliability.

Simple, and in practice, universal, SKYLINE is a new range of modular composition continuous profile electronic and video entry outdoor panels from FERMAX. The line consists of 8 different-sized frames where the different modules can easily be fitted: pushbuttons, card slots, camera, amplifier, access control, etc… providing total creative freedom through its versatility.

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The Fermax classic

Its design is characterised by a curved profile and its distinguishin finger-shaped pushbutton. Except for its transparent sections, it  is made entirely of metal, making it robust and very reliable.

It provides a response to the needs of single-family homes.

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Vandal-proof. Made in stainless steel.

Fermax Marine Line … in stainless steel.

Marine is the anti-vandal panel line manufactured in 2.5 mm thick stainless steel.

Straight lines that highlight the quality of the steel.

State of the art technology and resistance to even the most corrosive, humid and dangerous atmospheres.

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