After more than six decades working in residential communication, researching materials, forms, features and successive technologies applied to video door entry systems, our IP system could not be just “more of the same”.

LYNX is the most advanced technological solution based on these protocols. And this is because it responds to the combination of solid experience, constant curiosity and a permanent capacity for innovation.


Nowadays, Fermax equipment serves to more than 2 million of prestigious buildings and residential complexes in 80 countries, as well as more than 6,5 million of individual homes.


Turned into a technological partner to its clients, Fermax has known how to provide the greater performance, the greater efficiency and the beauty of the best design through time.

Because of that, about 6.000 systems integration and installation companies habitually rely on Fermax to make their projects real.


Fermax has been recognised during 10 consecutive years with the A&S Security Award granted by A&S International Magazine.

Since 10 years ago until now, Fermax is recognised as one of the top 50 security manufacturers/suppliers companies in the world. This recognition is added by several international awards that we are the most proud of, particularly in Europe, granted for the meticulous design of our equipments.


From New York to Melbourne, from Singapore to Dubai, or from Istanbul to Barcelona and Cape Town. For decades, FERMAX has successfully faced large challenges, both in terms of numbers of homes and complexity of the projects.


Since the 1990s, FERMAX has conducted intense research into applying digital technologies to intercoms and video door entry systems capable of being integrated into far-reaching projects.

MDS and VDS are solutions created for projects of different dimensions that bear our brand and that, for two decades, have demonstrated their solidity and their enormous capacities for size and performance.

The step toward IP technology involves expanding the own concept of a video entry system, which is now a device able to meet the daily needs of the users, thanks to new features.

That is why the LYNX system integrates communication and security as far as developers and designers can imagine, including administration and communication of all residents, surveillance of common areas, authorisation of lifts, access control or call divert.

Not to forget the integrated communication apps with neighbors and administrators of the complex.

Beyond just products and solutions, we provide satisfaction

Our global footprint, with a presence in more than 85 countries, allows us to provide support from the first stages of project definition, assistance during the installation as well as constant and effective after-sales service.

With headquarters in Valencia (Spain), where the main Logistics Centre, R&D&I department and General Services Centre are located, FERMAX is committed to guaranteeing absolute QUALITY. We understand this quality as any activity that affects the design, development, manufacturing and commercialising of our products, as well as adequate services to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, our suppliers, our employees and the society, respecting the environment and the sustainability of our actions at all times.

FERMAX is firmly committed to building quality relationships with its customers, which are based on success. At FERMAX, people and processes are customer-oriented.

FERMAX is linked to technological development and innovation. Fermax is one of the largest companies in the world specialised in audio and video door entry systems. Since its creation in 1949, the company has demonstrated its commitment, providing its customers with a dynamic universe and a constant evolution with new developments of products and functionalities.